Frequently Asked Questions

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How and why does Zawadi use Blockchain?
Our platform manages event tickets as tokens on a public blockchain. This promotes transparency since the tokens can be securely transferred between parties and an immutable record of the encrypted transactions is created and available to the public. The token's assigned unique hash assures that it's not just a copy of the original ticket that is being transferred but it is in fact the ticket itself. This eliminates the transfer of fake or duplicate event tickets therefore ensuring that users of our platform have a seamless and fraud-free experience all from the convenience of their smartphones.
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
In the event of cancellation, the Zawadi team will notify you that the event has been cancelled. The cost of the ticket (excluding payment processing fees) will be automatically refunded to your payment card. The refund process takes approximately 5-10 business days depending on your bank. Some refunds (those issued shortly after the original charge) will appear in the form of a reversal instead of a refund. In this case, the original charge will be dropped off your statement, and a separate credit will not be issued.
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