The new standard in ticket delivery

Instantly deliver tickets to your attendees' favourite messaging apps.

You sell tickets. We deliver them.

We work in collaboration with ticketing companies and event organizers, providing them with the tools and technology to securely deliver tickets to their attendees via their preferred messaging apps.

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With just a few lines of code, you can begin issuing blockchain secured tickets to your attendees.

1. Transparency

The public and immutable record of ticket movements enables easy tracking of tickets sold and tickets transferred.

2. Engagement

Personalized communication with attendees through their preferred social messaging apps.

3. Security

A tokenized ticket cannot be forged or duplicated unlike its paper and pdf counterparts.


Rodolfo Andragnes

ONG Bitcoin Argentina

The Zawadi team exceeded my expectations. They provided great service and support 24/7.
Franco Amati


Excellent experience. Fast solutions to any issue, and customizations were possible when needed.